Pide Bending


As well as pipes with a diameter from 5 mm to 101.6 mm, we can bend any profile, sheet bar, filled iron or special cut material.

We use CNC bending machines and have a monthly bending capacity of 20.000 pieces.

We can bend stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum and iron of any quality as allowed by the physical conditions of the material.


We possess the technological infrastructure to design and produce any mold, fixture and apparatus regarding pipe bending.

We have world-class quality thanks to our technology. We can perform flawless bending to be used in accessories, no matter what the type or thickness of the material is.

Our main principle is to carry out all processes required by our customers offering the lowest-cost and on-time deliveries.

We perform the following activities in our facility:

Cutting: Inclined and regular cuts, including stainless materials

Welding: Gas metal arc, TIG, aluminum, brazing

Shaping: Pipe expansion, narrowing, tapering or other shaping

Pressing: Eccentric and hydraulic pressing up to 150 tons

Drilling: Drilling, slotting and claw coupling in various diameters

Machining: Milling, turning, vertical CNC

Matt and gloss polishing

Chemical and mechanical cleaning

Mounting and packaging

We perform all these works under a single body with minimum action in production to reflect our cost advantages to the customers and meet their needs with “turn-key” projects.

Send us the sample, technical drawing or data of the product via e-mail to get a price quote. We can produce in any amount.

You can submit your e-mails to or send a WhatsApp message to 0 555 990 87 00. If you don’t have any drawing available, you can provide the details to get a price quote in the shortest time.

Our company serves as a supplier of leading companies in Turkey and abroad with our price, quality and capacity opportunities.

Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction with the product quality and price.

  • Type of material,
  • Outside diameter
  • Wall thickness
  • Radius (CLR)
  • Bending angle
  • The distance between bendings (if has multiple bendings )
  • Need amount

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