Celik Exhaust Systems and Bending Technologies

who we are?

Founded in 1989 in Avcılar by Latif Çelik, our company “ÇELİK Egzoz Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti.” moved first to its own 1100 m2 facility in Istanbul/Topkapı and finally to its new 5000 m2 plant in Izmir/Bagyurdu Organized Industrial Zone.

In its early period, our company produced front and rear pipes for exhaust system. Then it extended its product range to start producing exhaust systems. Recently we have particularly become specialized in performance exhaust systems and exhaust heads made of quality 304 and 316 stainless steel.

Having the necessary knowledge and experience about pipe bending and shaping our company is able to produce its own machines and molds.

We have a monthly production capacity of 25.000 pieces in exhaust systems and 40.000 pieces in tail pipe finishers. We also have a monthly production capacity of 10.000 pieces in pipe bending and shaping.


Our company policy is not only based on selling products to customers, but also on offering “turn-key” projects to provide them with solutions best meeting their communication needs by using our knowledge and experience in every stage of project. Providing customers with high quality products and services is our key principle.

Standard exhaust systems are produced under the brand “ÇELIK” and performance exhaust systems are produced under the brand “STEEL”.

Çelik Exhaust has received “design licenses” for its original products customized according to customer needs and expectations. Our company has TUV CERT ISO 9001:2015 license and it makes production in line with its terms.

Our Certıfıcates

Çelik Egzoz has documented its original products produced according to the needs and expectations of its customers with “Design Registration Documents”. Our company has TUV cert ISO 9001: 2015 certificate and produces according to the conditions of it.

Our maın productıons

Standard Exhaust Systems

Exhaust  systems for motor vehicles and generators


Performance Exhaust Systems

Performance exhaust, valvetronic systems, tail pipe and down pipe 


Catalytic Convertor Systems

 Catalytic convertor systems for motor vehicles and generators


Pipe Bending and Forming

Pipe bends, forming, metal processing and welded assembly operations 


Why us?

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish relationships with customers based on “project partnership” to help them succeed by producing cost-effective and top quality products and services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a first choice company by creating a brand domestically and internationally.

Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to “produce cost-effective and top quality products and services to fully and timely meet the needs and expectations”.

Our Brands